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NCCCFA Teaching and Learning Grant

The NCCCFA is pleased to offer an opportunity for Teaching and Learning Grants to all members. The purpose of these grants is to provide a means for NC Community College Faculty Association members to fund professional development, travel, books, and other tools for learning and classroom enhancement.


The award amount may not exceed $500 per academic year. Application deadlines will be October 1 for Fall semester and February 1 for Spring semester. Awardees will be reimbursed after the application has been approved and receipts provided. 

Applications will be evaluated by a committee of NCCCFA officers and members, with final approval by the NCCCCFA President and Treasurer.

Application Criteria include:

  • Quality of impact on the institution, curriculum, faculty, and student learning

  • Duration of impact on faculty and student success

  • Ability of faculty to obtain similar funding from another source

  • Application organization, clarity, and completeness

Please submit the above application to

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