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Spring 2021 Update

NCCC System
Budget Priorities

NCCCFA Executive Board Editorial
"Left Out and Leaving" w/edits and links

Talking Points for NCCCFA Members


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The NCCCFA's 2021 advocacy campaign includes an editorial from the Executive Board, as well as further talking points for membership to use in their letters to their legislators. We strongly encourage members to write their legislators and use specific examples of how faculty pay impacts their own lives as well as the state's students and economy.

What Members Can Do:

  1. Use our bullet points and our model letter to write YOUR legislators. Legislators prefer to hear constituents in their own words rather than in form letters.

  2. To find your legislators, use the Find Your Legislator tool available at our website:

  3. Encourage 5 fellow faculty members to write their legislators.

  4. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

  5. Interact with our social media to help spread the information presented there

IMPORTANT: Remember the following rules regarding advocacy!

  • Use your own time and your personal email, phone, and address to communicate with legislators.

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Updated: Mar 11, 2020

The "short session" for the NC Legislature will begin soon, and in this video you'll find some updates about budget priorities from the CC System Office in coordination with other decision-makers. Although more work is to be done, particularly in regards to faculty/staff salaries, the NCCCFA has endorsed these priorities and will advocate for these to our state legislators.

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