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Who We Are

NCCCFA is comprised of faculty, both full-time and part-time, from all 58 community colleges across the state.  We were founded in 1998, and since then we have sought to fulfill the mission statement of our original constitution - "to promote excellence throughout throughout the North Carolina Community College System."

What We Do

As faculty members in North Carolina's 58 community colleges, we hold a unique position where the desires and circumstances of students meet the desires and circumstances of the CC System, Trustees, and North Carolina elected officials. 

The ultimate goal of all parties involved is the success of each student, and these community college students demand the very best in teaching practice and policy.​  Thus, the goals of the NCCCFA are:

  • To provide professional development opportunities and resources focused on teaching excellence and student success.

  • To facilitate effective communication among faculty and the NC Community College stakeholders (including North Carolina College System Office, NC Association of Community College Presidents, NC Association of Community College Trustees, State Board of Community Colleges, state lawmakers, business leaders, and others interested in community college excellence).

  • To advocate for policies and legislation--from the local level through state level--that allow colleges to attract, employ, retain, and reward highly qualified faculty.

To foster Excellence in Teaching. To provide Insight from Faculty.

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