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58 Collaborate is a podcast representing North Carolina Community College Faculty from all 58 North Carolina community colleges. The podcast explores pedagogy, research, and culture across the state.

The Hosts

Josh Howell, Ph.D

Dr. Howell currently serves as an assistant Professor of English at College of The Albemarle. Dr. Howell received his bachelor’s degree in English and Theatre from Longwood University, completed his master's in English from Old Dominion University,  and doctorate in Higher Education at Old Dominion University. 

Tiffany Watts, Ph.D

Dr. Watts currently serves as the Associate Vice President of Curriculum Programs at Fayetteville Technical Community College. Dr. Watts received her bachelor’s degree, with honors, in Psychology from North Carolina State University and completed her doctorate in School Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


S1 E11: Piedmont Community College

   with Hillary White, Chris Davis, Amy Brooks and Susana Calderon

58 Collaborate 1.11
00:00 / 28:08

S1 E10: Special Episode: N4CSGA

   with Latasha Bradford, Cameron Stewart, Alexandra Versace and Tiffany Skouby

58 Collaborate 1.10
00:00 / 46:33

S1 E9: Davidson-Davie Community College

   with Danielle Richardson and Amanda Christian

58 Collaborate 1.9
00:00 / 27:57

S1 E8: Halifax Community College

   with Julie Galvin and Verna High

58 Collaborate 1.8
00:00 / 16:17

S1 E7: Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College

   with Jennifer Browning

58 Collaborate 1.7
00:00 / 21:00

S1 E6: Special Episode: Teaching and Learning Hubs

   with Monique Colclough, Natasha Harris, & Elizabeth Braun

58 Collaborate 1.6
00:00 / 34:58

S1 E5: Nash Community College

   with Erika Simon, Wanda Tyson, & Amber Greer

58 Collaborate 1.5
00:00 / 33:41

S1 E4: Johnston Community College

   with Mariela Ychante and Jennifer Horvath

58 Collaborate 1.4
00:00 / 27:48

S1 E3: Stanly Community College

   with Kim Hammett and John Lanier

58 Collaborate 1.3
00:00 / 20:14

S1 E2: Lenoir Community College

   with Siobhan Brewer and Alexandra Ranieri

58 Collaborate 1.2
00:00 / 34:51

S1 E1: Wake Technical Community College

   with Luc Dunoyer and Chad McKenzie

58 Collaborate 1.1
00:00 / 27:35

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