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Time to Talk it Up on Tuesdays

June 2014

It's time to talk to your Representatives and the House Committee Chairs. The Governor's budget recommendations are posted, as is the Senate's budget recommendation. We have the rest of June to convince the House that Community College faculty, and the colleges themselves, greatly need their support. The K-12 teachers need raises and respect. The proposed new raises would put them near the top of teacher salary rankings. UNC system faculty are already there. What about CC Faculty? Our salaries have moved all right - but they've moved the wrong way.

Take a look at the latest SREB report: Since 2011, we've moved from 11th of the 17 states in the region to 16th.  During this same time frame, our efforts to improve efficiency and student success by restructuring key programs and focusing on cost-saving methodologies have save the state millions in taxpayer dollars. Our representatives need to be reminded that we are


Our colleges --our daily work --
  • Builds a stronger, better prepared workforce
  • Closes the skills gap for employers by creating opportunities for job creation and retention.
  • Enhances economic development with specialized training and a strong business-education partnership
  • Saves North Carolina families money by providing a great educational value
And we did, and do, this work with reduced budgets, reduced FTE, and stagnant salaries. Let's remind our Representatives that we support our state's recovery during the most frugal days of the recession, and we need reinforced funding to keep the momentum going.
Study the attached links to the SREB Report and our Talking Points, then contact your representatives with a brief, positive message on your own email or phone, or visit them in their offices. While Tuesdays are our target days for legislative contact, any day you share the news about community colleges is a good day.  Here are some main points:

"Support Faculty and Staff Salary Increases: Community college faculty and staff – the keys to successful student outcomes – continue to be paid significantly less than national and regional averages. North Carolina’s average faculty salary ranks 15th in the 16-state Southeast Regional Education Board (SREB) area.  We ask the General Assembly to provide the funds to support all educators in North Carolina being paid a salary that reflects the value they bring to our students and our State."

  Remember to contact your legislator from your home address/computer; do not use work time, equipment, or stationary to contact her or him!If you need assistance with wording your message, one of our founding members, Don Wildman, has volunteered to assist you - he served as NCCCFA's VP Extenal and President, is a retired English faculty member, and knows how to communicate effetively with legislators. You may contact him at: We also have sample letters under the "legislative" heading of this site.
Please let us know if you are successful in making contact with our elected officials. And remember to thank them for their services.  We'll keep you updated!

Benita Budd, President, NCCCFA

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